St. Louis County Land-Use Permits

About Remodeling

Remodeling is making certain types of alterations to the interior or exterior of an existing structure and does not require a land-use permit.
Remodeling alterations are defined in St. Louis County's Zoning Ordinance #46, Article 2, Section 6 and include the following types of work:
  • Work performed on the interior of a structure
  • Replacement of siding, windows, doors, soffit, facia, and ornamentation
  • Replacement of roofing, provided there is no change in roof pitch or projection
  • Additional windows or doors
When the Work is NOT Remodeling
  • Any work that increases the number of bedrooms
  • Any work that results in increased water usage
  • Any replacement of or changes to the main structural frame or exterior walls
  • Replacement of roofing that changes the roof pitch or projection
  • Changes in the exterior dimensions of the structure
This type of work will be considered beyond remodeling and will be considered new construction. As a result, a land-use permit would be required, the structure would have to meet all of the applicable performance standards of the zoning ordinance and it would lose its grandfathered rights as a non-conforming structure. Contact the Planning Department for more information.

Remodeling Nonconforming Structures

Nonconforming structures are located on the lot in such a manner that the minimum requirements for setbacks and other standards for the dimensional district are not met.
You may remodel nonconforming structures, such as homes, cabins, other principal structures or decks.

The information provided in this brochure is a general guideline and does not cover every situation. Please contact the St. Louis County Planning Department regarding unique aspects of your property.

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